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This tank was added by Mark

Amazonia Rio 180

Tanks been established for 24 months, but recently a house move prompted myself to rescape the tanks 2 weeks ago.


All stock, sand and dry goods are from Kris & DA.

Plants sadly are not, as when i first set up Plants with Kris were thin on the ground (no pun intended) supplied from Aquadip, which Kris now stocks :o)


The picture of the Bristlenose is pre-house move as you see my tennalus echins took over all available substrate! thats Kris`s fault for introducing me to Seachem products! :o)


3 map angels and 3 smoke black zebra angels complete the stock.


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great looking tank man. I have trouble keeping my plants alive for some reason.

Comment by: barry

Thanks Paul, it consists of 2 large pieces. theres a center cave which is home to my Apistogramma Hongsloi, hes very camera shy though :)

Comment by: Mark

I love this tank, the bogwood is a beautiful example of cavemaking.

Comment by: Paul

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