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This tank was added by Sean

My home built in wall tank.

Life started as a 4' tank but one day the wife went to work and I got creative, 

the result is a 6' tank built into my dining room wall. Access is from my former utilities room behind. The wife was not amused.  

 I Did all the construct work my self. The overflow from the tank drops down to first sump tank that houses a large sock filter, heaters and two protein skimmers. From there water flow to the refuge where I have a healthy copepod population and mangroves. The calcium reactor , denitrator, vodka drip and auto top up all feed this side with the return pump to the main display.

 As you will notice I'm fighting a hair algae bloom just now but my newly acquired sea hare is working its way through it.  Happy days.

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Stunning set up Sean . My dads marine set up is built into the wall aswell . That's my intention for my next project but that won't be happening until we build our next house ... So my wife tells me anyway haha . Great aquarium you've got there anyway

Comment by: Scott

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